Monday, September 18, 2017

3263. How to Relax on the Spot

Relaxing on the spot? Is it possible? It is, indeed.
I’ve told you all about relaxing in bed. We can do the same or similarly when standing in the school!
When in bed, and it is something that helps you get asleep, you can do the following operations, in order to relax. Feel your body as if it was so heavy. Relax your arms and legs and your back as if they were rather heavy on bed. Breathe slowly and profoundly.
Then relax the muscles of your face, because inadvertently we can have those muscles so tense during the day. Repeat the same operations, slowly, rather slowly. And slow down the rhythm of your thoughts. Also you can try to listen to silence, the one surrounding you, if possible, or at least slow those ideas down.
Feel all your body in a more and more relaxing way, by means of those operations. Breathe slowly and profoundly.
Over time you will be able to do all this more quickly and more effectively. In a few minutes you’ll achieve to have your body and mind more relaxed.
When all this is very much interiorized, you’ll also be able to relax even when standing in the school: you’ll get more relaxed on the spot, and better if you also can be a bit humorous about yourself and defuse alarming and so tense situations. / Photo from: wallpapers de paisajes.

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