3259. Sense of Humor Plus Love of Benevolence

I can see all of you teachers try to do things well. I know so because you view other teachers’ blogs and stuff. For example TeacherLingo.
If you try to do things okay, sooner or a bit later you will gain some nice prestige. And that prestige will lead you to good consideration both by your directors and your students. Also by their families.
One important point when treating other people is sense of humor, sense of humor plus elegance. I’ve seen it in other teachers: they had success because they treated their students with love, with love of benevolence, which means to wish what’s good for our students.
Although sometimes you’ll have to be like a sergeant, the core point is anyway treating those kids politely and respectfully. Always by treating them as intelligent beings and persons that deserve all our respect anyway. / Photo from: police-dogs WonderList. I tried to post a picture that showed a police officer with elegance and smiling. And the dog is okay too anyway.


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