3270. Creating Autonomous Learners

I wrote about a very good Spanish school on the last post. That school sets a nice example to us teachers. It has so many valuable things. Many ones.
I was thinking of the main point, like a summary of its advantages. I would signal and point out that the main point is that the students are autonomous learners, up to some extent.
The teachers teach their students to be extra good learners. Those kids are like their own teachers. They plan their learning and their assessing and evaluation. Some kids will pass their grades in May, others in June, but all of them will for sure reach the objectives.
Each student has his teacher, sort of one teacher per one student. I don’t mean there are as many teachers as students, but the final result is like the kids had their tutors-teachers. Each student learn because he wishes so.
They can tell you what they’re learning, how they’re learning and why they’re learning, awesome! The school is at the same level as the best ones in the USA, Finland, UK, Italy and Germany. Instead of traditional testing they assess themselves whenever they think it’s okay, sooner or later.
And the teachers diagnose those kids and let them know about their strong and weaker points. Awesome and cool! / Photo from: Huffington Post. I posted that picture among other reasons because when I was a kid I liked the comics of that clever reporter.


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