3260. Our Work Makes Us Better, No Doubt!

All of us want to work well and carry it out fine at this beginning of the school year, right? And all this blog is about trying to teach effectively and how to learn effectively too.
I can assure you that our work makes us better persons. Even and because we have a spiritual part of ourselves we can elevate that work to a transcendent sphere.
We can do it with supernatural “lenses”: we can offer it to God our father. As simple as that. And the consequence is that we are transforming that work into something that not only makes us better but also makes us saints in everyday life – remember we have elevated that nice work into something supernatural and we can count on his supernatural help.
So we can be happy while working, though we may have some problems, even dire straits. And also we can hold an interior conversation with our dad God while working.
I mean, from the ordinary and regular things that occur to us we can tell him about our problems and joys, and in some way or other he will tell us something. / Photo from: Insight India Voyage. I posted a picture that shows so an ordinary place to work as a simple office.


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