3255. How to Treat Our Colleagues and Students

So remember that we teachers must have some nice rapport both with our colleagues and with our students.
In Spanish we say kind of “good chemistry”, but the meaning is the same as in English “rapport”.
With all those people, with whom we’re about to spend so many hours together, let’s have and show cordiality and affability. Even more that rapport should be love of benevolence, as Aristotle said. And it means that we have to seek what’s good for the other people.
And much of that love is about learning to listen and observe the other people. A teacher must have good ears to listen to his colleagues and students alike. We’re going to spend so many hours together this starting school year.
So rapport… with prudence anyway, for we may be also treating persons of the other genre and we do not wish ugly gossip all around nor doing things bad. So prudent rapport it should be, for we’re going to work together pretty many hours. / Photo from: Guardia Civil. That’s a special Spanish police body, rather very popular in our country.


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