3265. Educating Personalities Is Great and Demanding!

We teachers have to help our students’ families at the duty of educating their children’s personalities. And we’ll achieve this in the classroom, but individual tutoring sessions are indispensable too.
Treating each kid is necessary. Better if male teachers talk with male students and the same with women, because personal, very personal aspects are treated and dealt with and you make friends. This is my experience and it seems okay.
Schools should devote enough time for individual tutoring sessions with the kids. We have to help our students face life’s aspects. And all that has to do with educating their personalities. We won’t only confine our work to teaching math, history, English… but we should educate our students in a thorough way, and in accordance with their families.
We have the beautiful duty of educating our students in an integral and complete way, if their parents agree, and this is very important. I repeat on purpose: if their parents agree.
Now that we have their permission and we want to work together with those parents, we can have those tutoring sessions. We have to meet with their parents rather frequently. Parents have the first and primordial duty of educating their kids.
And we have to gain and get along with their children, in order to educate their personalities, through those tutorials. If we work fine in the clasroom, we’ll gain some nice prestige, which will open the entrance to educate those kids.
We will not force those kids. It’s art what we need. I mean, to reach those kids’ interior we need to be like artists, or doctors, whom those young people can trust. We will reach their interior over time, after having talked for rather long.
Trusting is not something you can obtain by forcing but through affection, listening, listening, listening, speaking first by the teacher, getting interested on what those kids want to tell us, over time, experience, with God’s grace and help (because we’re open to the transcendent, and we believe and trust in God), optimism, intuition...
It is ART, and we have to follow what those parents wish for their children. Remember that we have to meet with those parents rather often. / Photo from: Shutterstock


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