Saturday, September 23, 2017

3266. Do You Ever Feel Anxiety?

We’ve already started the new school year. Things are developing. We try and do our best, is that so? I guess so, because you’re committed teachers.
Nevertheless we may be a bit anxious. Yes, because we may feel like we were not doing our best, and thus we may feel this anxiety.
Some posts ago I told you all that it is sensible to specify a goal per class. Just a goal. A realistic one, and not naïve, because we may be somewhat experienced teachers.
Think of a goal that is suitable to your students. And which one will boost their learning process at least for a bit. Many bits together make up a lot, quite a lot, right?
Something else today. If we’re second or foreign language teachers we should vocalize in the classroom to convey clear messages, and at a level which is a bit above the students’ one but not too much above: the class is a chance for our students to learn and advance and not to show off how much English we know!
Our students are also protagonists. And they must learn and not be left behind. / Photo from: La Vanguardia
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