3253. Anxiety and Sense of Humor

The important point now that we’re starting with the new school year is for our dear students to be happy.
That’s not against discipline and some sane classroom management. When the thing is set and we’re teaching nice, at this beginning school-year time, we can use some sense of humor and some more cordiality, which will help us hold some nice treatment with our students.
If we’re fair people and honorable or we try to be so, even upright, we’ll get some nice discipline, because we’re serious and delicate teachers. If we work with professionalism and try to be a bit better every single day, more likely our students will respect us.
I repeat on purpose: the chief point is for our students to be ultimately happy, deeply happy, which entails some nice anthropology. I try, with God’s help, to behave as I am, a Christian. And that implies some very nice anthropology. My blog is a sample of that. That is compatible with some not too proud position by me: I'm just a regular English-language teacher. / Photo from: kindergarten. I posted a picture that might show some nice treating the students, full of professionalism.


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