104. To hope the fruit of your class-period

Shean, the veteran, heard with sheer interest, to keep learning, albeit he had been teaching for so many years,

"...All the same, the core stuff in the class-period, is communication, human and humane communication.

But have in the first place of your day, of your life, communication with your Father, who is so close, at every moment.

I, hm, i wanna tell you more activities you can develop with your disciples in the classroom.

However, however, engrave deep into your mind,"

Shean was the kind of guy he trusts in the trainer, from whom he can still learn, improve. "

All good, from God it comes.

All fruit, from Him.

Whether your pupils do learn,

whether they want to learn,

getting more and more fluently, with eager eagerness to devore new words, new expressions.

I was saying, whether your class-periods yield fruit and a big one, it comes from... That's the point.

That's the only way.

Just one more example: ask the Holy Spirit to plan your notes.

Each class-period is a step forward: do not waste it."

An example of plain communication. Thanks to artungo lemonde blog fr


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