61. What's the missing word?

Jack Jack asked Great Joe,
"Now I'm hanging around to find a game or the like for my students to expand their vocabulary."
Joe responded,
"Did you ever try the missing-word stuff? Very simple, no time preparation, and very fun. Elicit words about the topic you are studying lately, in your classroom. Like vocabulary about The School, I mean, typical objects or workers you can see in a school.
Right. It's the same as something I told Dwight some days ago. It's a network of words, around the topic.
After writing their words on the blackboard or the digital one, give them one minute to memorize as many words as possible. They stare at the BB eyes stabbed into it, for, say, one minute.
Then, the time is over, and one volunteer rises to his feet and turns around, trying to say as many words as possible. So fun for you and your students.
Another way - briefly speaking. One student erases one word, and a second student has to guess what the missing word is."
Una noche en la ópera. cosasdecine com (so many thanks for the photo).


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