58. Teaching is a service

Before anything else, Dwight wanted to make clear that we west countries cannot be paternalist with the poorer ones. They have to be responsible of themselves (cfr. #58 in Caritas in Veritate, Benedict XVI's last encyclica). We can help them get out of poverty, if any.
Joe replied to the words aforesaid by Dwight, by saying,
"Right. You are not far from the point. Teaching is a service to other children of God, a service to both parents and kids, or adult-learners.
A service. As well as a car designer, say, of Audi, does not merely seek for his pride and self-satisfaction. Moreover and better, if he relishes and enjoyes doing that, ok."
To be continued. Chinese pupils - a pic thanks to soschidrensvillages org uk. I don't mean China is the typical Third World country, for you know it is an emergent power country, though many people live in poverty.


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