Friday, April 10, 2015

2244. Teens and their bodies: self-esteem

Self-esteem. Teens tend to not value their bodies much. They don’t like themselves, rather often. 

So their interior world cannot be brilliant or beautiful. 

They do not accept their bodies, in many cases – it’s a teen phenomenon. Because of that young men attend gyms, well, and also girls. It’s a current phenomenon. 

Nonetheless beauty ought not to be exterior only. I do know girls with a rich interiority, and that flows out. Beautiful interiors make a beautiful appearance. 

If you want to have a nice look, cultivate your interior world too. 

As I was saying, those girls try to carry out a clean life, they make prayer, they read books, and try to educate themselves in that way, etc. 

And believe me: they’re quite pretty. Also they look after their appearance: they’re attractive, but in no way provocative. / Photo from: international-students www oxley vic edu au. The school students above have been found randomly - I don't know them
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