Sunday, April 26, 2015

2283. An example of happiness

Many people think happiness is for other people, for instance, wealthy people, successful ones, attractive ones, etc. 

And they connect happiness with special things or circumstances: I shall be happy after these examinations, with another profession, with another wife, etc. 

And they don’t know how to reach happiness in regular circumstances and days. 

And happiness will be reached when they decide not to be happy, otherwise when they give themselves to their family, and friends, and students, and God, ultimately. 

In this way they likely could reach some level of happiness. 

Now I’m telling an extreme case. One day a reporter said to Theresa of Calcutta: I wouldn’t do what you do though I would be given a million dollars. Theresa’s answer was: neither would I. / Photo from: popeandteresa redelapaz bligoo cl
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