Monday, April 13, 2015

2250. Getting along teens. Some ideas

We could try to easily talk with our teen sons and daughters about the value of values, and the value of virtues: 
honesty and sincerity, 
common sense, 
ecological friendship, 
helping others, 
hard work, 
their future, 
falling in love, etc. 

Both dad and mom can give a hand and help a great deal. Try to find a quiet period of time, to stroll and talk about those things, for example. 

As well elder brothers or sisters can help here. 

We need communication. We people need communication within family. 

We parents can answer their questions and, as we say in Spain, pull their tongue, in order to clarify their distresses, to clarify and shed light to their confusion. / Photo from: raisingempowereddaughters com
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