Thursday, April 23, 2015

2277. How to foster listening. A case

Something I lately implement in my classes is a suggestion by my adult students. They told me we could listen to a CD in English. 

We have started. They understand each oral text more and more. 

I hadn’t planned this at the beginning of the academic year, but it’s ok. 

We foster aural activities, namely listening and speaking. So the point is to have them speaking in English. 

Sometimes one student defines a word from the worksheets I compose for them. Or they summarize a story I write, by turns all the class – now I have some twelve students. 

Other times they describe pictures from a magazine with plenty of photos. 

Things are going rather smooth, and the remaining time of the annual course will be dedicated chiefly to aural activities. / Photo from: www educationalmedialic com
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