Monday, April 27, 2015

2286. Father and son

Free time is not for just doing nothing. 

Parents can think their teen son or daughter are good: they don’t smoke joints [sorry], they don’t drink, they don’t have sex relationships. He’s a nice kid. 

By the way, the last thing I wrote, about what a teen may not be doing, we must be careful about – we may think he or she doesn’t do anything that has to do with that, but we don’t know their friends, classmates, so let’s be careful about this point (and the others alike). 

Besides we’re their parents, we should have won them as friends too. 

I mean, parents should listen to their kids, because all they tell is important to them, and also because we may win hints about what they do – you, moms, are like good psychologists, and may have intuitions; namely my teen son may have fallen in love with a girl, or more worrying yet, she can have intuitions about their son: he likes guys, and now it’s the moment to act, right now. 

We might count on a good reputation psychiatrist. / Photo from: www corbisimages com
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