Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2251. What's the ideal teacher like?

Nassif states the qualities and features a teacher must have:
1.   A tendency to assist children. It’s kind of love of benevolence. It implies a capability of psychological analysis and penetration of kids’ way of being.
2.   A tendency toward values. The teacher has to love the values he tries to pass on to his students.
3.   A clear and defined personality.
4.   Sense of humor.

As well the teacher should have:
a.   A good knowledge and acquaintance of his students.
b.   Patience, being nice and benevolent.
c.   A firm character.
d.   Objectivity to assist every student and not only some of them.
e.   A good knowledge of what he teaches.
f.     A capability to manage the class.

Spanish expert Julio Gallego Codes adds:
1.   A capability to have his students participate in their education process.
2.   A capability of making tasks and homework easier and simpler.
3.   Joyful.
4.   To know how to foster each student’s learning according to the way they are.
5.   To facilitate an atmosphere prone to contributions.
6.   Flexible and tolerant.
7.   To stimulate diverse ways of his students’ expressions.

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