Saturday, April 18, 2015

2264. We need a reliable teacher, let's suppose

Reliable teachers. That’s what we need, as a school. 

A teacher may be a rookie, but… what could we do, because the students try to put the teacher to the test… 

The only way I know is either something innate in the teacher or time passing, years passing, experience. 

And of course the teacher has to donate himself to his “audience”. He must feel tired after a class, because he gave himself to their dear students. 

I do know the students, as I said, tend to put to the test a teacher who is a rookie. 

However if the teacher struggles to do his or her best, more likely, with time passing, the students will respect him or her, because of their seriousness and gravity. / Photo from: 615_300_Teacher www theatlantic com
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