Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2273. Violence at school

Yesterday I wrote the following. 

Today, April 20, a high school teacher from Spain has been murdered by a student with a knife and a bow. 

It’s an extreme case, but as real as I work as a teacher. 

It’s an exception, nonetheless. What to say about this? Violence at schools happens from time to time. 

What I can plainly say is that also, at that time, I was teaching a polite and nice group of adults, with which I get along, thank God. Well, someone can say, it is adults whom you teach, so what? I can also say adult students can be more critical than teens, who absorb, or may absorb, what their teacher tells them. Adults can be sharper in their critics, but if you invest effort and affection, they do their best, it is my experience, also with teens. 

You can collect their proposals too, for classes. / Photo from: the-old-rectory-main www tripadvisor co uk
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