Monday, April 20, 2015

2272. How to manage a teen yet by respecting his freedom

Teens can change their mood and character pretty soon and frequently, and so their parents and the rest of the family can feel distressed, and not knowing what to do. 

They, teens, need loneliness, with their writings, their music, their room… What to do? 

Well, I don’t know, let me think; first premise: do not lose your temper, if you’re a parent – “parent” sounds cold: I shall say dad or mom. 

He or she (the teen) may want to cut loose, BUT he or she needs you, family, and more and more he or she will wish to stay at home. Years before the teen wished to escape; nowadays he or she could wish to escape, but he or she wishes to stay at home, which can be a cozy place, at best. / Photo from: jure-robic-tragicky-zahynul_1. The picture is just to illustrate the text
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