Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2276. How to turn work into something gratifying

A teacher cannot be just expecting a nice weekend and let workdays pass. 

I mean, he oughtn’t to spend workdays as something boring and as a burden to dodge if possible, and just focus on the weekend. This is impoverishing. 

He has to live work as something gratifying. Yes but How? 

One premise is to strive to fulfill his labor by doing his best: planning the class, loving his students with love of benevolence, trying new ways, discarding what doesn’t work, focusing on each student as much as possible, trespassing his obligations and doing further, giving a transcendent stroke, offering that work and those efforts to God, asking Him for help. 

I HAVE seen all this in some colleagues, regular teachers though. / Photo from: Joel-Saavedra-profesor-Instituto-de-Física-PUCV www vriea ucv cl
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