Thursday, April 16, 2015

2258. Human sexuality from a clean and happy view

Holy purity and holy chastity. It is when they’re adolescents when they discover sex. 

However maybe their parents have never told them about it. 

And sex springs in the spring of adolescence. 

Teachers ought not to be the first people to talk about human sexuality, which was “invented” by God for human beings to settle all over the world. It is something good: it’s us, people, the ones that we have put human sex under other vices when it is not lived in a clean way. 

A boyfriend and his girlfriend have a marvelous period in front of them to get to know the other, with austerity of human affections: they have to respect the other, who possibly will become the dad or the mom of the family. 

Well, all this and much more can be taught by their parents. 

The point is for youngsters to have a clean and beautiful vision of sex. / Photo from: studentscareercoach wordpress com
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