Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2522. A Bunch of Flowers You Said?

The important stuff for a marriage is communication. All the talks I’ve listened to came to this point ultimately. 

Spouses have to listen, listen, listen. Also they have to learn to ask for forgiveness and expect it. It was my fault. That point is always or closely true. 

The wife does need to be listened to by her husband. But also the other way ‘round. 

They should fall in love every day with each other. I do not necessarily mean that we will feel much of exciting, but love, true love, leans upon little details too. 

Have you ever gotten a small bunch of flowers to your wife, today for example? Wait and expect she will forgive you. You wife, because with time passing you should keep on to appear attractive (not provocative), have you made your “façade” more attractive? Also remember that you will also win your husband by the stomach, I can assure you. / Photo from: husband-giving-flowers-to-wife nianio com pl
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