Friday, August 28, 2015

2527. An Enthused Teacher Wins His Students Over

Students at school acquire either a positive attitude or a negative one to the prompts by their teacher, say, an exercise, a question, a role play, etc. This has been described by Escámez. 

The students are aware of those attitudes. Anyway those attitudes can change with time passing and according to the students' personal circumstances. 

What the teacher can do is presenting things positively, enthused if possible, nice, and favorable for learning and acquiring English. If the teacher usually tends to work hard, in favor of his students, these latter ones will likely respond positively. 

He has planned the class, planned the activities, some aim, thought of his students while planning the class… all this tentatively will direct and focus their students’ attention toward those planned activities, or others he thinks are better at that moment, according also to the circumstances. / Photo from: horse pionersettler com. The photo is just an illustration
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