Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2498. On class management

I have extensively written about class management and discipline, and you can see to it at the labels or tags. 

In the past course of English, in summer (we’re still in summer anyway!) there were few problems. The teachers were going to give the students negative points, and when a minimum be reached, we the monitors should speak seriously to the students. 

This fortunately never occurred. 

In case there had been any problems we the monitors would have to talk with the kid or kids, to investigate and reprimand and scold, but in a clever way, and letting the students a way out about their behavior. / Photo from: 640x414_15015_Private_SST_concept_2d_plane_jet_aircraft_futuristic_picture_image_digital_art digital-art-gallery com. This photo is just an illustration
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