Saturday, August 15, 2015

2485. Listening to My Students

I told you long ago about a secondary-education teacher, whose students, girls namely, did the following: they approached her between classes to tell her about their things and stuff, close to the teacher's desk. 

It’s sound to listen to our students, maybe by taking a class-period. 

Let them tell you things; ask them questions to get to know how they’re getting along and on. 

It isn’t a missed class: we should listen when they’re speaking. And in an easy mood. 

Let them vent their stuff: we’re the main person that can listen to them. Even we could hear more things than the ones they told their parents. 

In that way, besides, secondarily, we’ll get a higher reputation or feeling our students’ stuff or the like. Prestige, that's the word. / Photo from: 5-techniques-to-curb-classroom-chatter www neamb com
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