Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2518. How to Teach a Private Class, in My Opinion

When teaching private classes we could have our student get the school subject of English off the ground. 

With regard to exercises from his textbook, urge him to face up the instructions and the possible example. Make him think. 

Tell him he will need B2 level of English onward (within the Common European Framework). Be demanding with him. If you have agreed about the end of the class, have him sitting down next to you until the final minute. 

If you write with your right hand, sit down at his left hand, so as for him to see what you’re writing. Sorry for these trifles but I guess they’re somehow interesting! 

Assign him, through negotiation, if he should revise something or do an exercise at home for such and such minutes. Give life to the examples you write to him: things connected with him and with his world. 

With your sincere concern, you can pass him on the like and interest for English... hopefully! / Photo from: Private_Lessons www kaufmannmusiccenter org
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