Monday, August 10, 2015

2474. Practicing Speaking in Fluent English

In the past summer course of English, which I’ve written something about so far, I was picking up students one by one and we had a conversation in English, depending on the kid’s level in that language. 

The point now is to say that the thing was and meant positive motivation, because they could discover they were capable of speaking in English with somebody else – namely me. 

It seems sensible to take with you a list of points to talk about: describing a picture, some information about the kid, about the English language course, about a regular day, and many other points. 

They learned some idioms and vocabulary too. 

It turned interesting to them, and useful alike. When the dialog was getting fluent, you could ask the kid more and more questions. / Photo from: o-TWO-PEOPLE-TALKING-facebook www huffingtonpost com
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