Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2495. Such Are Women

In the Bible (Old Testament) woman is described and treated as the Beloved one. 

Man loves Woman, because He expresses God, who loves Her (his people). 

In the Old Testament the Beloved one is treated about, by the male Spouse. 

Thus she has received love and has to answer and respond to love with love. Because of that she has special features, and beauty is more shown in her than in man. 

She is the Wife in the Holy Scriptures. 

She is the most loved one. 

Let’s think of woman’s features and way of being. She is (and has to be) tender, nice and friendly, attractive (not only physically but spiritually and from a psychological point of view), patient, pious, intuitive. Women provide an indispensable point to everyday living and working at school. 

These ideas have been taken from and inspired by Spanish Carlos Cardona. / Photo from: female teacher www usnews com
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