Thursday, August 20, 2015

2502. A Summer with Teens

I’m finishing the posts on our English summer course. Maybe one else. 

Something I noticed in the students is told here. For example on a few days some of them got hoarse, because they shouted in sports. And pre-adolescents or adolescents or teens were changing their voice into one of an adult. 

They had small diseases: some fever, etc., typical when you’re growing up. 

Their legs and arms are growing and some of them walked a bit like disjointed and limp, let’s say. 

They are encountering themselves at the period of teens. You can see what I’ve written about adolescents, in the column of labels or tags. Also to consider things about this age, when there’s a crisis (= change) which is critical and crucial. / Photo from: bits-of-fall-boys-walking-to-bus-stop  blog shoesinthewrongfeet com
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