Thursday, August 27, 2015

2524. Is There Anxiety in Our Classes among Students?

As scholar Susana Pastor puts, among the psychological points about learning English is to have and feel the capability of learning that language plus the self-awareness of that aptitude. 

It also has to do with possible anxiety with regard to using and learning the language. 

This anxiety could block the process of learning and acquiring English. How are our students in the classes? Is there any anxiety we hadn’t noticed in some of the students? My experience is that they felt somewhat comfortable and the atmosphere was one of cooperation between the teacher and the students, roughly speaking. 

They participated in the classes and even some were eager to participate. 

I tried to create a nice atmosphere, but did I achieve it? I think to remember my boys were rather easy-going. / Photo from: benefits-of-playing-basketball www kualalumpurpost net
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