Sunday, August 30, 2015

2533. Concerned Teachers: Bravo!

We teachers will be prone to help and assist and aid any student who could need us. 

We have to detect any problem amid our students, though we can have many. We ought to have a rather small number of students per class, but this isn’t possible sometimes. 

Anyway our teaching will address each one of the students. We can look in their eyes. Eye contact is pretty important. 

Remember please that a number of kids or adults has been entrusted to us! 

We should guess our students’ needs. We work with people, but individual people never a mass. I know that you know how to assist your students and you’re trying to improve this service, and planning classes with real students in mind. 

One day I will tell you - this is extreme – how a teacher saved a kid that had swallowed the cap of his pen... / Photo from: www hccs edu
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