Sunday, August 16, 2015

2486. About Vacation Courses Now?

I’m telling you a bit more about the past summer course of English. 

There should be a monitor to connect the native teachers with the monitors and director of the course. It’s like connecting two parts. 

This monitor for example tells the teachers some premise those have to implement, from the director, who knows little English. 

This monitor can become hectic, because he is making interviews in English with each student too. He becomes hectic and fully engaged and he’s pressed to solve problems that pop up. 

He speaks and thinks in English; he’s obviously the same person and holds and has the same life criteria he had, but with something special and different. The way of speaking makes you have something new, like a second nature, something else. Because you speak with some specific English: Queen’s English, American English, southern American style, etc. / Photo from: www summerest com
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