Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2517. Private Classes and Other Things, like Teaching Groups

Teaching English is not just teaching in the classroom and correcting and grading or marking tests, and a bit else. 

Working transcends all this. For example we owe our private student or our class-group members love of benevolence. 

This means we don’t confine to those indispensable tasks. 

I know we’re busy. 

This job transcends and goes beyond and farther away. It means we plan each class, with the student or students in mind. What does he need? 
Why is this happening lately? 
Why does he fail tests? 
What can I tell him or them in order to improve? 
Or what about that other thing yonder? 

We get concerned and worried about the student or students. We get preoccupied; better yet, we get occupied and engaged in teaching him or them. 

I do know most of you do things somehow similar. Bravo! / Photo from: www eslclassesboston com
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