Thursday, August 27, 2015

2526. You Can Read this Post Carefully. It Is Short Anyway

He, the student should realize – with our help as teachers and tutors – that he is before God, ultimately, and we will say this to him as soon as possible, for him to learn it. 

This post is from an inspiration from philosopher Carlos Cardona. 

He, the student, is loved by Him, and so he has to love Him, he has to correspond. 

In that case he is a unique person. He realizes that he is someone. 

Thus he can be educated, in freedom. 

This is the essence of education. Here we have the aim of education. 

And this is teaching for us teachers, ultimately too. I say all this because Carlos Cardona, as we saw on post # 2523, said there were too many school subjects, as hermetic compartments. / Photo from: cyclist blog kannadegotttila com. The illustration is just for illustration sake
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