Monday, October 5, 2015

2612. We're Enthused with Our Teaching Stuff

We teachers ought to be leaders of our students. 

This is nice and depends on being enthused at the school subject we teach and on our authority, according to Spanish scholar José Bernardo Carrasco. 

The authority isn’t just punishing and that’s it, no. Just both points or premises are joined and interwoven: being and feeling enthused about our school subject plus our moral authority. 

Our students look for models so they have to see us we’re enthusiastic about the topics of our school subject. 

We all can remember a teacher or some of them that were at their entire disposal of us students, and were happy if you went to see him or her at their office or hall. 

Also they looked so concerned about teaching their school subjects. 

I also remember Michael Gronow, a Welsh college professor that taught us essentials of Anglo-Saxon civilizations, a hard bone for us beginners, but so interesting: he even sang the music, as a good Welsh man, which black slaves used to sing at cotton plantations of southern states of the USA. / Photo from: Cotton_planter_and_pickers1908 civilrightsoverview thecunningteacher org
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