Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2629. Do you love them? (II)

We teachers have to love our students with love of benevolence: we have to wish the best to and for our students. 

And we teachers have to teach our students to love, with also love of benevolence. This is education, and much more. 

We are free if we love the others, and we love only if we’re free. 

We love our students: their parents have entrusted us with them. 

If I love with love of benevolence I’m free. If I am free I can love the others. 

These truths are natural ones: every person can reach them. 

Nonetheless this love to the others has been revealed to us people, human beings; revealed by God Himself; cfr. The Ten Commandments of the Law of God. This love has been revealed because our nature and mind have been impoverished because of sin. / Photo from: British-Virgin-Islands-31 www satellitesportsnetwork com
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