Thursday, October 8, 2015

2618. Rookie teachers and not that rookie

You can receive a good theoretical education to become a good teacher but usually we teachers learn our job in the school of knocks. 

The beginnings may be so tough and hard. 

A relative of mine now has to travel more than two hundred kilometers per day to teach at a high school or secondary education school. His post is not secured. The building was rather shabby some years ago, and now what would it be like? He told my dad he had to provide himself of devices and instruments for the institute lab. Besides he has the problems of a rookie teacher concerning discipline and class management. 

Experience is a value in favor. 

Yet you must go through the university of knocks, like I said. 

As well a positive value is that often you can meet some veteran of this war that can help you a lot. I had two. / Photo from: www huffingpost com
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