Monday, October 26, 2015

2647. How do I treat my students?

If we teachers of languages or whatever school subject treat our students with politesse and politeness, and we address each student somewhat tactfully and with respect to him, it could happen the students themselves could treat us teachers with the same attitude. 

The first premise is to learn to manage the class, but when the students become focused every time we say something in a class, they can respond also with respect. 

When I began to teach in a school I was kind of a sergeant. 

Today I wouldn’t conduct in that way. 

The point and second premise is to gain and win our students to ourselves teachers, with a mix of deference, respect and politesse. They tend to behave as they’re treated. / Photo from: ironmanlancebike endurancesportsflorida com. the picture is just an illustration
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