2622. On Classs Management and Discipline

We teachers try to manage the class with discipline. Alright, and I have posted a lot on Management of the Class and Discipline. There you’ll find many tips and insight points on these topics. 

Nevertheless also consider that your students are free, and responsible. I do know we feel dreadful and distressed if there’s disruption in the class, but ultimately our students are free: to learn or not, to keep quiet, to keep silent. 

This may help you consider things as they are. 

So as a summary: try to keep management but as well consider that all that “isn’t your business”, but of theirs... 

As a tip now I would tell you to learn your students’ names; 
try to keep them quiet by addressing each one; 
talk to them seriously, while walking along and across the classroom, hands crossed on your back, seriously too, about your job and their jobs as students; try no one would chatter whilst doing this; 
address him individually and gently, trying for them to understand that that is their job and tell them about their lives after school – they will need English for life, for earning money, for getting a job! 

I’d tell you more, but it’s enough for today. / Photo from: 27-classroom-management-strategies-fi www teachthought com


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