Friday, October 23, 2015

2641. How to assign each student to a level of English. An example

Sometimes we need a placement test to assign each student to a specific group, depending on the level of English he shows. 

For example at summer camps, but not only at that circumstance. 

Now I’m offering an example, which has worked at our summer camps. You can apply it also to a regular academic year. 

1. A box for translating vocabulary, including low level words with advanced ones, like “alumno” and “poyete de ventana”. 

2. To write a sentence with a word from exercise 1. I’m combining easy exercises with more advanced ones. 

3. Unjumbling or unscrambling a sentence, this is, to write a sentence into the correct word order. 

4. Some other exercise maybe. 

5. Write about you in approximately 100 words. This latter exercise allots the students to each level class; at once you can find out the students’ level of English or of another language. / Photo from: student_writing www2le ac uk
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