Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2650. How to teach English to oldies

A colleague of ours has told me some points about his teaching English, which work fine. I also will refer to his students, adult ones. 

Their textbook is a collection of worksheets he composes, which some of them are taken from a conversation guide English-Spanish, plus some stories, also composed by him. 

When in the classroom he asks his students to read up the numbered sentences or the story paragraphs he sometimes says “please” after the student’s name. 

He shows a natural respect toward his students. And they appreciate this attitude. If you’re correct in addressing your students, they will likely respect back to you. 

He has achieved his students would speak in English for example at summarizing the story, defining new words, describing pictures, etc. At the end of each class he thanks his students for their attention. I’ve got to stop here. / Photo from: Liam-playing-the-guitar www farpop com. the picture is just some illustration
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