Friday, October 30, 2015

2652. When problems within marriage

Within a marriage there should be a fluent communication. 

I’ve found that many problems within marriage have to do with lack of communication. 

And the point is that what is interesting for the other spouse should be interesting for me. If I am not interested in her interests, I should make the effort of getting to know about for example her professional project or what dress to wear that night; it is worth the try; I’m building my marriage. 

Many problems within marriage are complementary also with politeness. 

I should be delicate in the treatment with my spouse, my wife in this case. 

This entails communicating with her, although I may be tired. It’s worth the try. I might tell her I’m done today but tomorrow I shall listen to her. And I fulfill it. I could say many more things but I’ve got to stop here. / Photo from: www yourfoundation org
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