Sunday, October 11, 2015

2623. A key point concerning education

Parents and families have to consider that school is not the first place for their children’s education, but home is. 

School is an aid, a help, to teach students math, science, literature, history… subject matters parents and families don’t have to know about. 

The school is not the place for “parking” children and pick them up after classes. The labor of school is instruction, not simply education. 

Children must be educated at home, inside family. 

A consequence of this could be parents and families should have periodical tutoring sessions rather often, for the child’s tutor to tell things and update parents and families. 

In this context we can consider the labor of the school also as educator, but in a second place, after parents and families. 

The core points of this post are inspired by philosopher Carlos Cardona. / Photo from: Skateboarding_wallpapers_71 skatehigs24 blogspot com
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