Saturday, October 24, 2015

2643. A tutor is necessary for the student, I assure you

Fortunately in the school where I taught before we had tutors for the students, so these ones could talk individually with their tutor, at tutoring sessions. 

Thus we could help each student. 

Each tutor teacher had a number of kids entrusted, and went to their classrooms to pick up one of them so as to talk in a small lounge. 

Each kid had an aid for his studies and for maturing from his experiences. 

Tutors were taken from known upright teachers, so most of the school teachers. The school was single-sex. 

There grew some friendship between the tutor and the student. Helping them was something real you could observe in them. They used to improve and better. There was another school for girls, not far from the male school. 

We kept in touch with their parents or families, in order to make good interviews, worth enough. / Photo from: money usnews com
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