2639. They are prone to participate in class

My students are smart and work hard. I’m referring to the adults I teach. 

On Monday and Wednesday I sometimes can arrive at class at 9:30, other days near 9:45; I have some stuff to do before classes. I don’t tell them anything, but they study the worksheets I hand them out. 

Today at the end of the class I had to hand out the worksheet # 178, the next one. 

I hadn’t thought of handing them out, but it’s the students who want to learn and acquire on their own. It’s nice to teach students this kind. 

All the class is in English, except for some sentences, but as I said the class is some 99% in English. Even before and after the class they tell me things in that language! They’re prone to practice too. / Photo from: www gemt org uk


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