Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2638. Adults also like stories in English

Adult students also like to read stories. I also like to write them. 

With my old students I compose worksheets, about topics like the restaurant, the airport, etc. 

From last year I have started to write stories, simple ones, and included on those worksheets. Since I write in European format A4, the tales must be short. So a story can take me several weeks to write, and besides my students are expecting to learn the end. 

As well I ask them what they think it’ll be the continuation or the end of the stories. 

At present I’m writing a simple love story between two teachers, young ones, and he is rookie and she already is a veteran though young, as I said. This morning I finished the second part. 

We don’t use a textbook but those worksheets. Making up these stories do not take me much effort. And the result, thank God, is the students like the tales. 
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