Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2628. What English should we teach... It's not clear

What English should we teach? What variety? As you well know, English is spoken nearly all over the world. 

Is it Queen’s English the one we should teach? Why not American English? 

English is a vehicle language for many people, often between people where no one is native, so… what to do? 

Currently you can find an article about this point in British Council web-site. You have a link in my blog, at right hand. 

We teachers maybe should teach a variety that everybody would understand – I don’t know well. 

Until last year I taught English in American English, yet my adult students preferred British English, because they said they would understand better (?). 

So for this year I’m going to change into British English – I don’t care too much in what variety to teach, don't get me wrong. Anyway I’ve started the course with them by speaking and reading aloud in BrE, or close to – I’m a non-native teacher so my English has something of Spanish influences, right? / Photo from: www wired com
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