Friday, November 27, 2015

2690. Our Students Are Just Free

In our center we let the students manage their freedom. It is a way to make them feel free and responsible. 

We aren’t all the day long over them: we allow them manage their actions. 

And we educate the kids in personal conversations or tutoring sessions too. 

The first place to let kids manage their liberty is at home, within the family. And secondly it is school. 

So we try to contact the parents and we call them to the school, to talk with the kid’s tutor. We try each family educate their kids in freedom and responsibility. 

And it works, at least on our side, the school. 

We advise the parents and families to have their children short of money too, instead of covering their whims and desires. As I said it works good so far. / Photo from: freedom www bluelight org
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