Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2674. What Students Expect from Their Teachers

Students attend classes at school, as the most normal and usual thing in the world. 

Yet, what do they expect? And what do their families expect from the school, from the teachers? 

If we solve this question we can deal with the ethics of the teaching profession and job. 

Well, they expect the teacher should know about his school subject, kindness and politesse by him, teaching competence, happiness – a deep one, nice treatment to the students, discipline and a sane class management. 

All this has been inspired by the reading of a doctoral dissertation by Christine Wanjiru Gichure. 

I would like with this post to implement my job as a teacher and writer, and therefore wishing peace in the Western society and in the Eastern society too. / Photo from: young woman with laptop English teacher visual stage www young-germany de
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